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[New Version June 2018] Latest Release Oracle 1Z0-067 Dumps PDF Oracle Database 12c Exam Questions Certification Video Study Online 176Q Released 1-16

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1z0-067 dumps

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pass4itsure 1Z0-067 dumps

Free Pass4itsure VCE & PDF File for Oracle 1Z0-067 Dumps Real Exam Quetsions 1-16

You must unload data from the orders, order_items, and products database tables to four files using the External
Tables. CREATE TABLE orders_ext (order_id, order_date, product_id, product_name,quantity) ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL ( TYPE ORACLE_DATAPUMP DEFAULT DIRECTORY ext.dir LOCATION (`ordersl.dmp\’,\’orders2.dmp\’,\’orders3.dmp\’,\’lorders4.dmp\’) ) PARALLEL AS SELECT
o.order_id,o.order_date,p.product_id,p.product_name,i.quantity FROM orders o,productsp,order_itemsi WHERE
o.orderjd = i.order_id and i.product_id = p.product_id; You execute the command shown in the Exhibit, but only two files are created. Which parameter must be changed so that four files are created?
1Z0-067 exam Correct Answer: A

In your database, the tbs percent used parameter is set to 60 and the tbs percent free parameter is set to 20. Which two storage-tiering actions might be automated when using Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to automate data movement?
A. The movement of all segments to a target tablespace with a higher degree of compression, on a different storage tier,
when the source tablespace exceeds tbs percent used
B. Setting the target tablespace to read-only after the segments are moved
C. The movement of some segments to a target tablespace with a higher degree of compression, on a different storage
tier, when the source tablespace exceeds T3S percent used
D. Taking the target tablespace offline after the segments are moved
E. The movement of some blocks to a target tablespace with a lower degree of compression, on a different storage tier,
when the source tablespace exceeds tbs percent used
Correct Answer: AB

A user issues a query on the sales table and receives the following error:
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01565: error in identifying file \’/u0l/app/oracle/oradata/ORCL/temp01.dbf\’ ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
Which two actions would you take to recover the temporary tablespace?
A. Drop the tenpOi.dbf file, and then re-create the temp file.
B. Add a new temp file to the temporary tablespace and drop the tempOi.dbf file.
C. Shut down the database instance, start up the database instance in mount state, create a new temporary tablespace, and then open the database.
D. Take the temporary tablespace offline, recover the missing temp file, and then bring the temporary tablespace online.
E. Create a new temporary tablespace and assign it as the default to the user.
1Z0-067 dumps Correct Answer: DE

You want to move your existing recovery catalog to another database.
Examine the steps:
1)Export the catalog data by using the Data Pump Export utility in the source database.
2) Create a recovery catalog user and grant the necessary privileges in the target database.
3) Create a recovery catalog by using the create catalog command.
4)Import the catalog data into the new recovery catalog by using the Data Pump Import utility in the target database.
5)Import the source recovery catalog schema by using the import catalog command.
6)Connect to the destination database.
7) Connect as catalog to the destination recovery catalog schema.
Identify the option with the correct sequence for moving the recovery catalog.
A. 1, 6, 4
B. 2, 3, 7, 5
C. 1, 2, 6, 4
D. 1, 2, 3, 6, 5
Correct Answer: C

Which two are prerequisites for setting up Flashback Data Archive?
A. Fast Recovery Area should be defined.
B. Undo retention guarantee should be enabled.
C. Supplemental logging should be enabled.
D. Automatic Undo Management should be enabled.
E. All users using Flashback Data Archive should have unlimited quota on the Flashback Data Archive tablespace.
F. The tablespace in which the Flashback Data Archive is created should have Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM) enabled.
1Z0-067 pdf Correct Answer: DF

In which three scenarios is media recovery required?
A. when a tablespace is accidentally dropped from a database
B. when archived redo log files are lost
C. when data files are lost
D. when one of the online redo log members is corrupted
E. when all control files are lost
Correct Answer: ADE

Your multitenant container database (CDB) cdb1 that is running in archivelog mode contains two pluggable databases
(PDBs), pdb2_1 and pdb2_2, both of which are open. RMAN is connected to the target database pdb2_1. RMANandgt; BACKUP DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG DELETE INPUT;
Which statement is true about the execution of this command to back up the database?
A. All data files belonging to pdb2_1 are backed up and all archive log files are deleted.
B. All data files belonging to pdb2_1 are backed up along with the archive log files.
C. Only the data files belonging to pdb2_ are backed up.
D. This command gives an error because archive log files can be backed up only when RMAN is connected to the root
1Z0-067 vce Correct Answer: B

Identify two scenarios in which the RMAN crosscheck command can be used.
A. when checking for backups that are not required as per the retention policy
B. when updating the RMAN repository if any of the archived redo log files have been deleted without using RMAN to do
the deletes
C. when updating outdated information about backups that disappeared from disk or media or became corrupted and
D. when synchronizing backups, which were not performed by using RMAN, with the RMAN repository
E. when listing backups that are required for recovery operations
Correct Answer: CE

Which three statements are true about persistent lightweight jobs?
A. A user cannot set privileges on them.
B. They generate large amounts of metadata.
C. They may be created as fully self-contained jobs.
D. They must reference an existing Scheduler Program.
E. The are useful when users need to create a large number of jobs quickly.
1Z0-067 exam Correct Answer: CDE

user_data is a nonencryptedtablespace containing tables with data.
You must encrypt ail data in this tablespace.
Which three methods can do this?
A. Use Data Pump.
D. Use alter tablespace to encrypt the tablespace after enabling row movement on all its
E. Use altertablespace to encrypt the tablespace.
Correct Answer: ABC

You want to capture column group usage and gather extended statistics for better cardinality estimates for the customers table in the SH schema. Examine the following steps:
1. Issue the SELECTDBMS_STATS. CREATE_EXTENDED_STATS(`SH\’, \’CUSTOMERS\’)from dual statement.
2.Execute the dbms_stats.seed_col_usage (null,`SH\’,500) procedure.
3.Execute the required queries on the customers table.
4.Issue the select dbms_stats.reportwcol_usage(`SH\’, \’customers\’) from dual statement.
Identify the correct sequence of steps.
A. 3, 2, 1, 4
B. 2, 3, 4, 1
C. 4, 1, 3, 2
D. 3, 2, 4, 1
1Z0-067 dumps Correct Answer: B

Examine the command to back up the ASM metadata:
ASMCMDandgt;md_backup /backup/ASM_backup
In which three situations can you use the backup?
A. when one or more disks in an ASM disk group are lost
B. when the data file on an ASM disk group gets corrupted
C. when one of the disks in a disk group is accidentally unplugged
D. when one or more file directory paths are accidentally deleted from an ASM disk group
E. when all the ASM disk groups for the ASM instance are lost
Correct Answer: BCD

Identify three scenarios in which RMAN will use backup sets to perform active database duplication.
A. when the duplicate … from active database command contains the section size clause
B. when you perform active database duplication on a database with flashback disabled
C. when you specify set encryption before the duplicate … from active database command
D. when the number of auxiliary channels allocated is equal to or greater than the number of target channels
E. when you perform active database duplication on a database that has read-onlytablespaces
1Z0-067 pdf Correct Answer: ACD

Which two statements are true about scheduling operations in a pluggable database (PDB)?
A. Scheduler jobs for a PDB can be defined only at the container database (CDB) level.
B. A job defined in a PDB runs only if that PDB is open.
C. Scheduler attribute setting is performed only at the CDB level.
D. Scheduler objects created by users can be exported or imported using Data Pump.
E. Scheduler jobs for a PDB can be created only by common users.
Correct Answer: CD

Examine the parameters for your database instance:
NAMETYPEVALUE —————————————————————————————————–
optimizer_adaptive_reporting_onlybooleanFALSE optimizer_capture_sql_plan_baselinesbooleanFALSE
optimizer_dynamic_samplinginteger2 optimizer_features_enablestring12.1.0.1
Which three statements are true about the process of automatic optimization by using statistics feedback?
A. The optimizer automatically changes a plan during subsequent execution of a SQL statement if there is a huge
difference in optimizer estimates and execution statistics.
B. The optimizer can re optimize a query only once using cardinality feedback.
C. The optimizer enables monitoring for cardinality feedback after the first execution of a query.
D. The optimizer does not monitor cardinality feedback if dynamic sampling and multicolumn statistics are enabled.
E. After the optimizer identifies a query as a re-optimization candidate, statistics collected by the collectors are submitted to the optimizer.
1Z0-067 vce Correct Answer: ACD

For your database, an incremental level 1 backup is taken every week day. On Tuesday, before the backup is performed, you add a new tablespace. You execute the command: RMANandgt; BACKUP INCREMENTAL LEVEL 1 FOR RECOVER OF COPY WITH TAG WEEKLY DATABASE; Which statement is true about the execution of the command?
A. It returns an error because there is no level 0 backup available for new data files.
B. It performs an image copy backup of new data files, and a level 1 incremental backup of all other data files.
C. It performs a level-0 backup of all data files including those that belong to the new tablespace.
D. It performs an image copy backup of all data files including those that belong to the new tablespace.
E. It performs a backup as a backup set of all data files including those that belong to the new tablespace.
Correct Answer: BC

1z0-067 dumps
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