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[New Version May 2018] Latest VMware 1V0-603 Dumps Exam With PDF Questions VCA6-CMA Youtube Study Material Are The Best Materials 50Q Released 1-21

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Free Pass4itsure VCE & PDF File for VMware 1V0-603 Real Exam Quetsions 1-21

Exam B
A newly-hired member of the support team asks a senior administrator to explain Site Recovery Manager.How would the administrator explain the action Site Recovery Manager takes after a disaster or anticipation of a disaster-related event?
A. SRM automatically reboots specified ESXi servers and virtual machines in place at the local datacenter at the earliest opportunity.
B. SRM moves virtual machines to a public cloud provided by an approved by an approved third party provider.
C. SRM leverages vSphere Replication to automate the failover of virtual machines to another physical location.
D. Before the disaster event SRM replicates specified virtual machines at the recovery site and powers them on so that it can switch control to the recovery site virtual machines after a disaster.
1V0-603 exam Correct Answer: C

Which vRealize Automation feature provides companies a lot of flexibility in using their own customized service politics and business logic?
A. Accelerated application deployment
B. Intelligent Resource Governor
C. VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in
D. Self-service end user portal
Correct Answer: B

Which vRealize Automation integrated product allows an administrator to easily automate workflows for provisioning decommissioning and the configuration of virtual workloads?
A. vRealize Operations
B. vRealize Operations
C. vCloud Connector
D. VMware NSX
1V0-603 dumps Correct Answer: C

A consulting company has just won a contract to provide cloud infrastructure services for a regionally based department store. The contract requires the automation of workflows for running scripts on virtual machines as they are provisioned via the customer organization portal. Which two products will help achieve this task? (Choose two.)
A. vCenterSei”ver
B. vFabric Application Director
C. vRealize Orchestrator
D. vRealize Automation
Correct Answer: AD

A client wants their consultant to assure them that vRealize operationscan provide monitoring that will easy and dynamically adapt to their environment. What features in vRealize Operations can provide fewer more specific alerts of health degradations performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls?
A. Auto Reactive Alarms
B. Adaptive Alarms
C. Self-Learning Analytics
D. Dynamic Thresholds
1V0-603 pdf Correct Answer: B

An administrator has installed and configured site RecoveryManager (SRM) to protect a private cloud infrastructure, but wants assurance that the plan put in place will actually work. How can the administrator properly test the site recovery manager setup?
A. Tell SRM to simulate moving your workloads usingvcloud connector.
B. Tell SRM to initiate an HA failover test.
C. Tell SRM to execute a non-disruptive recovery test.
D. Tell SRM tovMotion protected VMs to the recovery site.
Correct Answer: C

A company is discussing the migration of their corporate data to the hybrid cloud and have asked a consultant to provide some justifications for making the move.Which two scenarios best show use cases for a hybrid cloud?( Choose two.)
A. You have a mixture of physical and virtual servers.
B. You want to occasionally move data between different corporate private clouds.
C. You want to periodically offload high demand development test cycles.
D. You are a small company and do not want to deal with your own datacenter and equipment.
1V0-603 vce Correct Answer: BC

An administrator has a virtual machine with large amounts of data and wishes to protect it by replicating the data using the VMware Air disaster recovery service. A large amount of data would initially have to be transferred across the network before beginning replication. Which feature can the administrator utilize to minimize the amount of data transferred before beginning replication?
A. vCenter Operations Manager
B. Direct Connect
C. vCloud Connector: Data Migration Service
D. vCloudConnector: Offline Data Transfer
1V0-603 exam Correct Answer: C

An administrator is developing a workflow for a company’s test and development environment and needs to run a script that will generator a work order ticket. Which VMware product provides out of the box plug ins to assist the administrator in completing this task?
A. vRealize Operations
B. vRealize Orchestrator
C. vCenter Server
D. vCloud Connector
Correct Answer: D

A company needs a solution that allows moving some of the datacenter’s workload to a public cloud during peak hours.The company does not want to pay for unused capacity during non-peak hours. Which VMware product will fulfill this task?
A. vRealize APIs
B. vCloud Connector
C. vRealize Automation
D. VMware NSX
1V0-603 dumps Correct Answer: C

A company has recently bought out a competitor and is now integrating them into their existing architecture. Which VMware NSX component or feature will allow the company to place newly- created virtual machines on the best compute resources regardless of whether those resources are at the main site or the new branch location?
A. Edge Service Device
B. Distributed Router
D. Advanced Service Designer
Correct Answer: C

A customer is concerned about using fixed alarm settings to monitor elastic cloud workloads. They want assurance that virtual workloads will be properly monitored in the cloud based on their environment’s realtime data. Which vRealize Operations alarm feature will best address this concern?
A. Auto Reactive Alarms
B. Adaptive Alarms
C. Self-Learning Analytics
D. Dynamic Thresholds
1V0-603 pdf Correct Answer: B

The physical datacenter on which a company’s private cloud runs is nearing capacity. Which option would allow the company to temporarily move some of it’s workloads to a leased public cloud?
A. vRealize Operations
B. Site Recovery Manager
C. vFabric Suite
D. vCloud connector
Correct Answer: C

An administrator wants to automatically manage virtual machine change requests and services as well as remove virtual machines when they are no longer needed. Which product includes a lifecycle management capability to help you accomplish these tasks?
A. vRealize Automation
B. vCenter Server
C. vRealize Operations
D. NSX Manager
1V0-603 vce Correct Answer: B

A company’s critical applications are installed directly on existing physical servers which could cause severe issues in the event of a failure.The company wants to mitigate any downtime due to hardware problems. What type of challenge is this describing?
A. Management
B. Elasicity
C. Availability
D. Efficiency
Correct Answer: D

An intern inquires as to what factors should be considered when choosing one type of storage service class over another. What two criteria should be considered when creating storage service classes?
A. Level of protection
B. Cost
C. Number of platters
D. Operatingsystem compatibility
1V0-603 exam Correct Answer: C

A company operates a hybrid cloud environment and wants to ensure all virtual machine andvApp templates deployed in any of it’s clouds come from a single catalog.Which product or technology supports this requirement?
A. vCloud Connector: Stretch Deploy
B. vFabric Suite
C. vCloud Connector: Datacenter Extension
D. vCloud Connector: Content Sync
Correct Answer: D

A consultant is explaining the benefits of using VMware NSX versus other products that utilize a physical networking infrastructure.Which two are benefits of implementing VMware NSX over other virtual network solutions? (Choose two.)
A. Non-disruptive server hardware upgrades
B. Reduced network provisioning time
C. No more physical switches
D. Non-disruptive deployment
1V0-603 dumps Correct Answer: AD

A manager wants to know why traditional usage metering tools are less effective in a private cloud environment thanthey are in physical environments.What statement provides the best response?
A. Traditional monitoring tools won’t work in a cloud environment.
B. Traditional metering tools require agents to be installed, which don’t work in virtual machines.
C. Resource usage is based on the overall demand of all virtual machines instead of per server.
D. This is not true, traditional usage metering tools are still the best choice.
Correct Answer: B

A company has decided to move to a hybrid cloud environment.They are concerned that this may increase management complexity by requiring multiple interfaces.Which product provides a single interface for all virtual machines within a hybrid cloud environment?
A. vCenter Server
B. vFabric Suite
C. vCloud Connector
D. VMware NSX
1V0-603 exam Correct Answer: C

A company has a multi-tier application and needs a deployment solution that will take into account CPU and memory requirements, while ensuring that the security of each workload can be protected using dynamic firewalls.Which two products will meet the company’s needs? (Choose two.)
A. vSphere Replication
B. vRealize Automation
C. vRealize Operations
D. VMware NSX
Correct Answer: BD
1V0-603 dumps

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