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[New Version May 2018] 100% Pass Rate LPI 101-400 Dumps New LPIC-1 Exam Questions Youtube Guide 177Q Released 1-31

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Free Pass4itsure VCE & PDF File for Lpi 101-400 Real Exam Quetsions 1-31

When using rpm –verify to check files created during the installation of RPM packages, which of the following information is taken into consideration? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. Timestamps
B. MD5 checksums
C. Inodes
D. File sizes
E. GnuPG signatures
101-400 exam Correct Answer: ABD

Which of the following commands can be used to download the RPM package kernel without installing it?
A. yum download –no-install kernel
B. yumdownloader kernel
C. rpm –download –package kernel
D. rpmdownload kernel
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is correct when talking about mount points?
A. Every existing directory can be used as a mount point.
B. Only empty directories can be used as a mount point.
C. Directories need to have the SetUID flag set to be used as a mount point.
D. Files within a directory are deleted when the directory is used as a mount point.
101-400 dumps Correct Answer: A

Which of the following are valid stream redirection operators within Bash? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. andlt;
B. andlt;andlt;andlt;
C. andgt;
D. andgt;andgt;andgt;
E. %andgt;
Correct Answer: ABC

Which function key is used to start Safe Mode in Windows NT?
A. F10
B. F8
C. F6
D. Windows NT does not support Safe Mode
101-400 pdf Correct Answer: D

Which of the following commands moves and resumes in the background the last stopped shell job?
A. run
B. bg
C. fg
D. back
Correct Answer: B

Immediately after deleting 3 lines of text in vi and moving the cursor to a different line, which single character command
will insert the deleted content below the current line?
A. i (lowercase)
B. P (uppercase)
C. p (lowercase)
D. U (uppercase)
E. u (lowercase)
101-400 vce Correct Answer: C

Which of the following characters can be combined with a separator string in order to read from the current input source
until the separator string, which is on a separate line and without any trailing spaces, is reached?
A. andlt;andlt;
B. andlt;|
C. !andlt;
D. andamp;andlt;
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following commands lists the dependencies of a given dpkg package?
A. apt-cache depends-on package
B. apt-cache dependencies package
C. apt-cache depends package
D. apt-cache requires package
101-400 exam Correct Answer: C

After running the command umount /mnt, the following error message is displayed: umount: /mnt: device is busy. What is a common reason for this message?
A. The kernel has not finished flushing disk writes to the mounted device.
B. A user has a file open in the /mnt directory.
C. Another file system still contains a symlink to a file inside /mnt.
D. The files in /mnt have been scanned and added to the locate database.
E. The kernel thinks that a process is about to open a file in /mnt for reading.
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following commands is used to update the list of available packages when using dpkg based package management?
A. apt-get update
B. apt-get upgrade
C. apt-cache update
D. apt-get refresh
E. apt-cache upgrade
101-400 dumps correct Answer: A

Which RPM command will output the name of the package which supplied the file /etc/exports?
A. rpm -F /etc/exports
B. rpm -qf /etc/exports
C. rpm -Kl /etc/exports
D. rpm -qp /etc/exports
E. rpm -qi /etc/exports
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following commands changes the number of days before the ext3 filesystem on /dev/sda1 has to run through a full filesystem check while booting?
A. tune2fs -d 200 /dev/sda1
B. tune2fs -c 200 /dev/sda1
C. tune2fs -i 200 /dev/sda1
D. tune2fs -n 200 /dev/sda1
E. tune2fs –days 200 /dev/sda1
101-400 pdf Correct Answer: C

Which of the following options is used in a GRUB Legacy configuration file to define the amount of time that the GRUB menu will be shown to the user?
A. hidemenu
B. splash
C. timeout
D. showmenu
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is the device file name for the second partition on the only SCSI drive?
A. /dev/hda1
B. /dev/sda2
C. /dev/sd0a2
D. /dev/sd1p2
101-400 vce Correct Answer: B

Which of the following commands will send output from the program myapp to both standard output (stdout) and the file file1.log?
A. cat andlt; myapp | cat andgt; file1.log
B. myapp 0andgt;andamp;1 | cat andgt; file1.log
C. myapp | cat andgt; file1.log
D. myapp | tee file1.log
E. tee myapp file1.log
Correct Answer: D

What does the command mount -a do?
A. It ensures that all file systems listed with the option noauto in /etc/fstab are mounted.
B. It shows all mounted file systems that have been automatically mounted.
C. It opens an editor with root privileges and loads /etc/fstab for editing.
D. It ensures that all file systems listed with the option auto in /etc/fstab are mounted.
E. It ensures that all file systems listed in /etc/fstab are mounted regardless of their options.
101-400 exam Correct Answer: D

Which of the following environment variables overrides or extends the list of directories holding shared libraries?
Correct Answer: C

In the vi editor, which of the following commands will copy the current line into the vi buffer?
A. c
B. cc
C. 1c D. yy
E. 1y
101-400 dumps Correct Answer: D

What command will generate a list of user names from /etc/passwd along with their login shell?
A. column -s : 1,7 /etc/passwd
B. chop -c 1,7 /etc/passwd
C. colrm 1,7 /etc/passwd
D. cut -d: -f1,7 /etc/passwd
Correct Answer: D

What is the purpose of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard?
A. It is a security model used to ensure files are organized according to their permissions and accessibility.
B. It provides unified tools to create, maintain and manage multiple filesystems in a common way.
C. It defines a common internal structure of inodes for all compliant filesystems.
D. It is a distribution neutral description of locations of files and directories.
101-400 pdf Correct Answer: D

Which of the following kernel parameters instructs the kernel to suppress most boot messages?
A. silent
B. verbose=0
C. nomesg
D. quiet
Correct Answer: D

In a nested directory structure, which find command line option would be used to restrict the command to searching down a particular number of subdirectories?
A. -dirmax
B. -maxdepth
C. -maxlevels
D. -n
E. -s
101-400 vce Correct Answer: B

Which of the following commands creates an ext3 filesystem on /dev/sdb1? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. /sbin/mke2fs -j /dev/sdb1
B. /sbin/mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb1
C. /sbin/mkfs -c ext3 /dev/sdb1
D. /sbin/mke3fs -j /dev/sdb1
Correct Answer: AB

Which of the following options for the kernel\’s command line changes the systemd boot target to instead of the default target?
101-400 exam Correct Answer: E

Which of the following information is stored within the BIOS? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. Boot device order
B. Linux kernel version
C. Timezone
D. Hardware configuration
E. The system\’s hostname
Correct Answer: AD

Which of the following commands updates the linker cache of shared libraries?
A. mkcache
B. soconfig
C. mkldconfig
D. lddconfig
E. ldconfig
101-400 dumps Correct Answer: E

Which of the following commands will write a message to the terminals of all logged in users?
A. bcast
B. mesg
C. print
D. wall
E. yell
Correct Answer: D

In compliance with the FHS, in which of the directories are man pages found?
A. /usr/share/man
B. /opt/man
C. /usr/doc/
D. /var/pkg/man
E. /var/man
101-400 pdf Correct Answer: A

Which of the following commands prints a list of usernames (first column) and their primary group (fourth column) from
the /etc/passwd file?
A. fmt -f 1,4 /etc/passwd
B. split -c 1,4 /etc/passwd
C. cut -d : -f 1,4 /etc/passwd
D. paste -f 1,4 /etc/passwd
Correct Answer: C

In the vi editor, how can commands such as moving the cursor or copying lines into the buffer be issued multiple times
or applied to multiple rows?
A. By using the command :repeat followed by the number and the command.
B. By specifying the number right in front of a command such as 4l or 2yj.
C. By selecting all affected lines using the shift and cursor keys before applying the command.
D. By issuing a command such as :set repetition=4 which repeats every subsequent command 4 times.
101-400 vce Correct Answer: B

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