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How Does It Feel to Prepare For CompTIA Certification

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CompTIA, the American Computer Industry Association (comptia-computing Technology Industry Association), is the most influential, largest and world-leading industry association in the global ICT arena, since its inception in 1982, has been committed to promoting the development of information technology (ICT) industries and related practitioners through a variety of standards, professional competencies, educational and business solutions. It is considered to be one of the top trade associations in the IT industry. CompTIA is headquartered in Chicago, USA and has offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Brussels, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong, Johns, London, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C. The organization publishes more than 50 industry studies each year to track trends and changes in the industry.

Since the establishment of the association, more than 2.2 million people have obtained CompTIA certification. CompTIA Certification is an industry-leading certificate that can help you start and develop your IT career. Whether you’re looking for a certification for your first it job, or you’re ready to upgrade your IT career with advanced certification, pass4 it sure can help you. It takes time and money to get it certifications, so it’s no wonder why people always ask what they’re going to get in return. However, the benefits of getting a certification are not just a single card in your wallet or a certificate on your wall.

Five Major Advantages of IT Certification

    1. Proof of your skills and knowledge

First, a certificate is a basis for proving that you have skills that are not imaginary to a potential employer or to your current employer. This is not just a simple test of what you know, but also a test of how you perform tasks and solve problems. For example, CompTIA certification will cover performance-based issues and test your hands-on skills by requiring you to perform certain tasks.

    2. Remain competitive and qualify for employment

CompTIA’s cognitive study of HR IT training and certification shows that 91% of recruiters see it certification as a reliable basis for determining whether a candidate is good or not. This is because they know that qualification is a benchmark for the knowledge, skills, and competencies that IT staff has, so that they can ensure that the IT staff they are recruiting is what they need. If you are looking for government departments or government contractors to work, they often need a certain kind of it certification.

    3. Improving the proficiency of work faster

Many people apply for jobs that can provide growth opportunities, which means they may not have all the skills they need when they apply. Being prepared to strive for certification is a good way to increase your skills and improve your self. Taking classes, reading a learning guide, and completing an online training module can help you get the skills you need for a small piece of work. You can immediately get what you have learned and put it into practice. When you feel ready, you can take a certification exam to verify the new knowledge you have learned.

    4. An investment in your career

Getting certified is not an easy task, it takes time to prepare, and it’s not cheap.
Whether you or your employer is paying for it, getting a certification indicates that you are interested in career development and are willing to invest in the money.

    5. Keeping your skills up to date

Qualification certification, especially recognized qualification certification, requires continuing education to ensure its effectiveness. By attending conferences, online seminars, teaching courses, and writing blogs or other publications, you can share your knowledge and learn about the latest developments in the industry. This will not only keep your certificate up to date, but also show others that you are passionate about your job and hope to become the best it professional by continuing to learn.

Whether you’ve just entered the IT industry or have worked in the field for years, getting it certification can help you demonstrate your awareness and enthusiasm for the industry and help you improve your career space. If you are interested, you can check out the CompTIA career roadmap to find out what qualifications you need to work in your career.

What about salary expectations? CompTIA Security + Certified individual’s average wage is 82,779 dollars. Where you live seems to play a role in setting your salary and experience (as you would expect). Still, 82,779 dollars is certainly pretty good!
How is this salary the same as other CompTIA certification?
According to CompTIA, here is the average wage of their certified holders, ranked number one:

  • CompTIA Project + Salary: 100,862 USD
  • CompTIA RFID + Salary: 87,663 USD
  • CompTIA Server + Salary: 84,997 USD
  • CompTIA Linux + Salary: 83,018 USD
  • CompTIA Security + Salary: 80,066 USD
  • CompTIA Network + Salary: 71,207 USD
  • CompTIA A + Salary: 67,954 USD So we can see that the Global Knowledge Survey and CompTIA’s forecast security + salary numbers are very similar, with only 5,000 dollars between them.

CompTIA personnel are able to implement secure computer and network systems to protect sensitive data from hacker attacks. IT security experts are also responsible for monitoring the vulnerability network and responding to and defending against network attacks immediately. Security vulnerabilities can often be unattended for long periods of time, so security professionals have the skills and capabilities to detect intrusions immediately. Other skills include vulnerability assessment, identity and access management, social engineering skills, data loss prevention, encryption, regulatory governance and compliance, and email/web content filtering. Another key element of your role is to review and write about how and why you can protect your network and computer systems, which is especially important in your quest for investment.

CompTIA Certification has been recognized internationally and is considered to be an excellent supplier-neutral certification. The main purpose of obtaining information security certification is to prove to employers that you understand the safety principles and that you can implement measures to protect and protect your network and computer systems. The experience of obtaining certification and the certifications you have are unique and valuable. In fact, training, how you prepare tests, and other variables can affect the value you derive from your certification.


CompTIA A + Certification

A + certification qualifies you for a variety of IT jobs, including:

  • IT support experts
  • Technical support staff
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Senior IT Technician
  • PC and Hardware Repair

IT professionals who get CompTIA A + certification on their resumes need better jobs, higher salaries, and more portals to accept new, multiple-industry opportunities. In short, using CompTIA A +, you will be able to verify the following skills:

  • Installing and supporting Windows operating systems and other mobile devices
  • Configuring a portable computer
  • Troubleshoot problems with PCs and mobile devices
  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Protect the system from vulnerabilities

This course is ideal for network engineers, planners, administrators, developers, and system analysts.

CompTIA A + service technician salary based on annual experience

  • Less than 1 years → 42,860 USD
  • 1-4 year → 47,802 USD
  • 5-9 year → 55,200 USD

According to CompTIA, “IT Professionals with CV certification can get a better job, get a higher salary, and have more opportunities to take on new, multiple industry opportunities.” According to Computerworld’s salary survey, the average wage for 2015 CompTIA A + Certification technology was 50,364 dollars. “Now that’s what the statistics say, let’s look at the actual work that is being offered now.” As of February 2018, the “Desktop support technician” on Indeed.com’s ad revenue was 47,000 dollars.


CompTIA Security Certification

If you are interested in the area of security in the IT field, then it may be a good choice for CompTIA. The certification is designed to ensure the skills and expertise to identify risks; Participate in risk mitigation activities; Provides infrastructure, information, operations, and application security.
The career opportunities after this certification are:

  • Security Architect
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Administrator
  • System administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security Advisor/Expert
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network engineer
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager
  • Network administrator
  • Information Technology Specialists
  • Network security Engineer
  • Computer operator
  • Senior Technical Support Engineer
  • Senior Software engineer

CompTIA security+ Certification is the only information security area in the global 147 countries have been recognized in the IT professional technology certification.


Pass4itsure Team

Good things are never easy. It all depends on you, how do you go? It’s really hard to get through if you think CompTIA is hard to get through. So please do not take any negative approach, you must actively take all measures.
To get a good score on the CompTIA exam, pass4itsure suggests you must follow a few steps.

  1. Keep positive and confident in your career
  2. Solve the Compitia exam questions
  3. You must refer to some CompTIA online video
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1. Learning and Training and Watching video course
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2. Familiar with certification examination
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5. Registration and participation
in the certification examination Including your credentials, you will enter the identity of the more than 2 million IT experts who hold the CompTIA certification. You now have a globally recognised credential designed to develop your IT profession. The CompTIA Certification logo will help you stand out and get attention through your CV and LinkedIn profile.

6.pass4itsure.com-Free online resources to provide wonderful learning notes
I created this site to help other people get certified. In general, this is the best advice I can offer. Don’t just memorize test questions and answers. Take some time to fully understand what you are learning.

Pass4itsure will tell you what you will learn on your website. If you scroll down the page, you will see a learning plan. If you are familiar with everything that is learned in these courses, you can get a learning guide. But if not, it’s worth spending some money on training, whether it’s online, self-paced or mentor, because in the long run you have a bigger chance of increasing your salary and getting the money back. You can view salary comparisons, payroll surveys, and search wages. Pass4itsure will help you maximize your investment.

The best way with Pass4itsure to prepare for the CompTIA exam

  • Decide whether to attend instructor-led training or self-study

First, it is important to determine whether you are learning through instructor-led training or self-study. Some people start with a book to complete and master all the internal information work knowledge. Other people want to sit in the classroom and be guided by skilled coaches in a structured learning environment to be ready at the start of the exam. There are also many gradients between the two, which are the ideal way to prepare for CompTIA exams. But as a first step, you need to choose whether you need instructor-led training to guide you through the material for a given certificate, or if you can prepare yourself. If you are prepared, Pass4itsure blog can provide you with the latest learning materials.

  • Ebook and other online content (Video, PPT)

Pass4itsure has plenty of resources to help you learn, according to the official CompTIA learning guide. You can read the book at your own pace and continue to review to update your understanding and make sure you have mastered it. In the absence of classes, it is also easy to find video content to take advantage of the classroom experience.

  • Write down your plan

When you have a lot of plans, it is worthwhile to write a list. Uninstalling into the list, everything you want to know during the test day-from what you need to bring to your plan to get to the test center-will keep you from forgetting something at the last minute. This will keep your mind focused on more productive things, like learning. If you feel more comfortable with the handwritten list on your notepad, do it. If you rely on the planning application, make a list here. This format is not required as long as you have a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to prepare yourself, into the test center and ready to go. The Pass4itsure test Simulator can help you develop your exam plan in detail.

  • Take part in the practice exam

Pass4itsure almost provides exercises for CompTIA exams, including a +,network +,security +. In addition to keeping you informed of the overall readiness, you can also take the best online Practice test offered by pass4itsure. Taking the Pass4itsure exam can help you identify areas where you are experiencing problems.

  • Skip the odd exam question

These tests are about managing time and scoring on the basis of failure. So if a problem looks too difficult, skip it! In tests like Security +, there are beta problems, and these seemingly random questions are being tried for future beta releases. They don’t score, it’s good, although it’s hard to tell what a beta problem is, and it’s not a beta issue, so don’t answer too many questions. Although the beta issue is not a feature of all CompTIA exams, skipping a challenge will give you more time to answer the questions you know. When you return to a question, you may see it in a new light or have a confident answer.

  • Learn about multiple selection techniques

Although multiple choice problems can cause you to take off your hair, there are several ways to solve the problem. Always eliminate the wrong answer. Second, restore the information related to the problem. This may be a very useful way to remember the correct answer. If two answers are involved, it may indicate that one of them is correct. If all the answers show errors, you may need to read the questions again to reflect on what they are asking for. Pass4itsure will provide you with a detailed explanation of the topic.

  • Give yourself plenty of time

When you arrive at the test center, start early and prove that having free time is the key to a quiet walk. Check the weather report to check the bad road conditions and give yourself enough time to handle the traffic. On the way to the test center, because the road is closed, the last second panic will not give you the best attitude to the success of certification. But if you’re half an hour ahead of traffic jams, there’s no need to lose your cool. These pass4itsure will give you a hint of friendship.

So what’s the best way to prepare for the CompTIA exam? I believe pass4itsure is best for you. Pass4itsure will help you choose the method that best suits your learning, what you can try to do and the choices that are appropriate to your schedule are the choices you pursue. That is, by pass4itsure various learning tools to immerse yourself in the domain of authentication and absorb information from all angles, this is a good way to get your own success. Through adequate preparation and training, you will learn about test materials such as the back of the hand. Then just register, go to the test center and get certified. Get certified to prepare for today and tomorrow’s IT challenges