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[New Version June 2018] Help To Pass Real Oracle 1Z0-883 Dumps Vce Oracle Database Exam Video Show Are The Best Materials 100Q Released 1-18

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Free Pass4itsure VCE & PDF File for Oracle 1Z0-883 Dumps Real Exam Quetsions

The InnoDB engine has a feature known as clustered indexes. Which three statements are true about clustered indexes as used in InnoDB?
A. A primary key must exist for creation of a clustered index.
B. A primary key is used as a clustered index.
C. A clustered index is a grouping of indexes from different tables into a global index for faster searching.
D. If no indexes exist, a hidden clustered index is generated based on row IDs.
E. A clustered index provides direct access to a page containing row data.
F. The first unique index is always used as a clustered index and not a primary key.
G. A clustered index allows fulltext searching within InnoDB,
1Z0-883 exam Correct Answer: BDG

You are creating a new server with the same accounts as an existing server. You do this by importing a mysqldump file
of the mysql database. You test whether the import was successful by using the following commands:
Mysqlandgt; select user, host, password from mysql.user;
1z0-883 dumps
9 rows in set (0.00 sec)
Mysqlandgt; show grants for `admin\’@\’%\’;
ERROR 1141 (42000): There is no such grant defined for user `admin\’ on host `%\’
Which command will fix this issue?
A. CREATE USER `admin\’ @\’%\’;
B. GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO `admin\’@\’%\’;
E. UPDATE mysql.user SET Create_user_priv = `Y\’ WHERE user= `admin\’;
Correct Answer: C

Compare a typical Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) with MySQL Standard Replication using master-slave replication. Which two statements are correct?
A. Both technologies use the TCP/IP stack as their primary transmission medium.
B. DRBD uses shared-disk technology.
C. Both technologies guarantee an identical copy of data on the secondary node.
D. Only MySQL can maintain a time-delayed copy of data on the secondary node.
1Z0-883 dumps Correct Answer: B

A user has deleted the wrong row in a table and you are preparing a point-in-time recovery skipping the DELETE event. The server is configured with:
1z0-883 dumps
You have identified that the DELETE statement to skip has the Global Transaction Identifier (GTID)
dbbe7da-fe25-11e2-b6c7-0800274aa49e:5 and you replay the binary log with:
Mysqlbinlog exclude-gtides=\’ dbbe07da-fe25-11e2-b6c7-0800274aa49e:5\’ binlog.00000.2 | mysql
However all events were skipped instead of just the one deleting the wrong row. What is the reason for this?
A. Mysqlbinlog ignores arguments to exclude-gtids-it means ignore all events with GTIDs.
B. The server keeps track of which GTIDs have already been executed and skips those.
C. Enforce_gtid_consistency is set to ON.
D. Gtid_mode must be set to AUTO during point in time recoveries.
Correct Answer: B

Which three statements are true about memory buffer allocation by a MySQL Server?
A. Global buffers such as the InnoDB buffer pool are allocated after the server starts, and are never freed.
B. Thread buffers are allocated when a client connects, and are freed when the client disconnects.
C. Buffers that are needed for certain operation are allocated when the operation starts, and freed when it ends.
D. User buffers are allocated at server startup and freed when the user is dropped.
E. All dynamic buffers that are set with a SET GLOBAL statement immediately get allocated globally, and are never freed.
1Z0-883 pdf Correct Answer: ABC

Which two capabilities are granted with the SUPER privilege?
A. Allowing a client to kill other client connections
B. Allowing a client to shut down the server
C. Allowing change of the server runtime configuration
D. Allowing client accounts to take over the account of another user
Correct Answer: AB

You want to shutdown a running Mysql Server cleanly. Which three commands that are valid on either Windows or Linux will achieve this?
A. Shellandgt; pkill u mysql mysqld_safe
B. Shellandgt; service mysql safe_exit
C. Shellandgt; /etc/init.d/mysql stop
D. Shellandgt; mysqladmin u root p shutdown
E. Mysqlandgt; STOP PROCESS mysqld;
F. Shellandgt; net stop mysql
G. Shellandgt; nmc mysql shutdown
1Z0-883 vce Correct Answer: CDE

Which three data components are needed for point-in-time recovery?
A. The error log
B. The backup log
C. The general query log
D. Binary logs
E. The data backup
F. Configuration files
Correct Answer: DEF

Your developers have created table to store some of their program\’s data. After examining the slow Query Log, you see that they are using the LIKE operator and SUBSTER () functions against a VARCHAR (10000) column quite often. An example of the start of one row of data: `GREEN01020495888331993-12-10/2…\’ What should you do to improve the overall performance?
A. Convert the column to TEXT and add a fulltext index to the table.
B. Create multiple prefix indexes of differing lengths.
C. Convert their column to BINARY.
D. Redesign the table so that the most commonly searched for string patterns are in their own columns.
1Z0-883 exam Correct Answer: D

What are three actions performed by the mysql_secure_installation tool?
A. It prompts you to set the root user account password.
B. It checks whether file permissions are appropriate within datadir.
C. It asks to remove the test database, which is generated at installation time.
D. It can delete any anonymous accounts.
E. It verifies that all users are configuration with the longer password hash.
Correct Answer: ACD

Full Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) compliance is a necessity for a new application, which heavily reads and writes data.
This requires the following config file options:
Sync_binlog=1 Innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=1 Innodb_doublewrite=1
However, this configuration is expected to introduce disk I/O overhead. What three changes will reduce disk I/O overheads?
A. Use of soft links for database directories on the same physical disk
B. Use of separate directories on the same physical disk for log files and data files
C. Placement of InnoDB log files and datadir on separate physical disks
D. Allocation of RAM to the buffer pool such that more of the data can fit in RAM
E. Use of delay_key_write=ON for batch index update
1Z0-883 dumps Correct Answer: DE

You adjust a default configuration to the following /etc/my.cnf on a Linux installation:
You do not notice the spelling error in binrylog_format and restart your production server. How does the MySQL server behave with incorrectly spelled options?
A. Mysqld uses internal configuration versioning and reverts to the previous configuration.
B. When using mysql_config_editor for configuration adjustments, it detects incorrect syntax and typing mistakes.
C. The mysqld_safe script skips the unknown variable and starts using the remaining configuration changes.
D. Mysqld prints to the error log about an unknown variable, and then exits.
Correct Answer: D

Which hardware storage option, when set up with redundant disks, offers the least stability, availability, and reliability for Mysql data?
C. SAN (Storage Area Network)
D. NFS (Networked File System)
1Z0-883 pdf Correct Answer: C

In a test database, you issue the SELECT … INTO OUTFILE statement to create a file with your t1 table data. You then TRUNCATE this table to empty it. Mysqlandgt; SELECT * INTO OUTFILE `/tmp/t1.sql\’ from t1; mysqlandgt; TRUNCATE t1; Which two methods will restore data to the t1 table?
A. Mysqlandgt; LOAD DATA INFILE `/tmp/t1.sql\’ INTO TABLE t1;
B. $ mysqladmin u root p h localhost test restore /tmp/t1.sql
C. $ mysql u root p h localhost test andlt; /tmp/t1.sql
D. $ mysqlinport u root p h localhost test /tmp/t1.sql
E. Mysqlandgt; INSERT INTO t1 VALUES FROM `/tmp/t1.sql\’;
Correct Answer: A

You attempt to connect to a Mysql Server by using the mysql program. However, you receive the following notice: ERROR 2059 (HY000): Authentication plugin `mysql_clear_password\’ connot be loaded: plugin not enabled What would you run to fix the issue?
A. The mysql client with the ignore-password-hashing option
B. The mysql_secure_installation script to update server security settings
C. The mysql client with the enable-cleartext-plugin option
D. The mysql_upgrade script
E. The install plugin command for the mysql_cleartext_password plugin
1Z0-883 vce Correct Answer: C

Which two are correct steps in taking a binary backup of MyISAM tables?
A. Always stop the server prior to the backup.
B. Stop the server or lock the tables prior to the backup.
C. Stop the server or lock the databases prior to the backup.
D. Make a copy of the .frm, .myd, and the .myi files.
E. Make a copy of the binary log and tablespace files.
Correct Answer: BD

What are four capabilities of the mysql client program?
A. Creating and dropping databases
B. Creating, dropping, and modifying tables and indexes
C. Shutting down the server by using the SHUTDOWN command
D. Creating and administering users
E. Displaying replication status information
F. Initiating a binary backup of the database by using the START BACKUP command
1Z0-883 exam Correct Answer: BDEF

The following commands are available in the Linux binary distributions of Mysql:
What is the correct description of each of these commands?
A.Mysqld is the server. Mysqld_safe is a shell script that invokes mysqld. Mysql.server is a wrapper for mysql_safe.
B.Mysqld is a shell script that starts mysql.server. Mysqld_safe causes the server to start up in data recovery mode. Mysql.server is the server.
C.Mysqld is the server. Mysqld_safe causes the server to start up in data recovery mode. Mysql.server is a wrapper for mysqld_safe.
D.Mysql, mysqld.safe, and mysql.server reside in different locations but are all symlinked to the same script.
Correct Answer: B

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